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New from MLC: HVAC Technician Basics

HVAC Technician Basics


Your friends at My Learning Center are excited to announce a new online course series: HVAC Technician Basics. This series is designed to help novice technicians develop an understanding of the principles that make a home HVAC system work. Three modules from this series are currently available and a fourth module will be available soon.  


HVAC Technician Basics Modules: 


Introduction to Airflow | 1 Hour Elite Dealer & NATE

This course explains airflow terms and definitions, methods of measuring airflow and how ductwork impacts airflow. Learn the important role that air distribution and ventilation play in the homeowner’s comfort and satisfaction with their HVAC system.


Introduction to Pressure | 0.5 Hour Elite Dealer & NATE

This course teaches what pressure is as well as how it is measured and the impact it has on refrigeration. Learn how to define basic mechanical refrigeration terms for pressure, identify how pressure is used in mechanical refrigerationrecognize how to measure pressure ranges within a mechanical refrigeration system, and determine the saturation temperature for a refrigerant using a pressure temperature chart.  

Introduction to Temperature | 0.5 Hour Elite Dealer & NATE

This course explains the concepts of temperature, measuring temperature and temperature’s effect on refrigeration. Learn to define basic mechanical refrigeration terms for temperature, recognize the benefit of graphing heat, and describe the rate of heat. 


Introduction to Combustion – Coming Soon!

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