We've Made Our 90% Furnaces 100% Easier to Install and Service

Tempstar® Condensing Gas Furnaces
Are Better Than Ever!
Product Improvements Make Tempstar Furnaces Easier to Sell, Install, and Service.

Please WATCH THE VIDEO above to see the new and improved Tempstar® Performance, SmartComfort® and SmartComfort® Deluxe 90+% AFUE furnaces with product improvements suggested by dealers like you. You can also click here to download the 90% Furnace Enhancements Summary.

Tempstar condensing gas furnaces provide consumers with energy efficiency, increased comfort, and durable performance. And now, they are even easier to sell, install and service with these product enhancements. Let's check out the Tempstar Performance, SmartComfort and SmartComfort Deluxe furnace improvements in more detail in the diagram below:

Tempstar 90% Furnace Enhancements

As you can see, Tempstar condensing gas furnaces are better than ever! We've made our 90% furnaces 100% easier to install and service.